Monday, May 11, 2009

No Soup for Me

Let us instead ask the essential question: how are we to be taken seriously as an academic discipline when our own ethical debates are being conducted unethically?

Seriously, people. Seriously.

(Thanks to the World's Most Beautiful Sociology Professor and Queen of all Seinfeld references for the blog title.)


Sydney said...

As someone who is currently ABD, I couldn't agree with you more! It's not about credentials as much as it is about the ways we represent ourselves and legitimating our authority. If we attempt to legitimate our authority through deceit or misrepresentation, we ultimately undermine anything of value we have to say. While there is nothing wrong with being ABD (and I don't think you imply that there is anything wrong with it), it does mean that our institutions (which provide the legitimating function) have not yet fully evaluated our work (perhaps because we haven't FINISHED IT YET!). ABD means we cannot teach at a 4-year school; it's sort of like putting an article on our cv as published when it's really in revise-and-resubmit! Sorry-can you tell I've been grading papers all night?

Pamthropologist said...

It is particularly ironic given that they are exploring ethics issues, isn't it. Just ridiculous.