Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flat Tires and HIV/AIDS: blame it on the alcohol

Yesterday in the early morning, I had one of those oh-shit moments. Came out to get in the car for the 40 minute drive to an 8:30 class only to find a tire flat--not much time to spare and none to spare on the spare.

Ha! Daughter home from college with car and no plans until late in the afternoon. I'll just borrow her car--which was once mine, paid for by me, and insured by me. But, definitely, not mine anymore. Its a bit strange tooling down the highway over-accessorized. In front of me attached to the dashboard are fuzzy pink bunnies, fuzzy pink balls, and various figurines; stuffed animals peek at me from door pockets and over my should strapped into the middle seat belt, one Commander Cuddles, a large stuffed bear clutching red felt flowers to his fuzzy chest in a gesture of joy and supplication.

Once my eyes settled in, my ears started to notice the difference. Gone were my presets and, suddenly, I was listening to the morning show on HOT Hits957 and their special segment entitled "Whatcha doing at the Courthouse". Way. Check out the live interviews here.

Next up some actual music, specifically, that fine love song "Blame it on the Alcohol". Its your basic rationalization song--rationalization supplied by Jamie Foxx and T. Pain (stand up guy, uh?). Lyrics here. We watched the video in class today. Opie. WTF? Of course, my students had all the inside scoop, all the principal celebs featured in the male fantasy got together at our POTUS' inauguration. I blame it on the alcohol. Here is the Obama spoof version.

Why did we watch it? Does one have any difficulty arguing that maybe Africans aren't any more sexually promiscuous than us or that a woman might find it difficult to demand the use of condom in a sexual encounter, or that she might be viewed as a submissive object, or even the more benign "shit happens" after seeing that? Case closed.

I kinda missed Commander Cuddles today. It is strangely comforting to be playing Morgan Freeman to a fuzzy bear's Miss Daisy.

Oh the flat tire? Wasn't nothing but a nail.


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lWhat a fun read!

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Thank you.

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