Friday, August 5, 2011

Advice for Newbies (and some oldies): things not to do in archaeology class

In the middle of an Archaeology lecture (pardon me, I mean *broadcast*) on seriation, when you are seeking a relevant example in an attempt to be appealing, do not look around the room and seize on what seems to be an obvious example:

(*ssh* tattoos)

Those members of the current generation who have committed to the process and attach great meaning to it do not want to hear that someday they may be on the dying end of a battleship curve.  This....does....not...go...over....well.  At all.

They will no longer find the work of Deetz and Dethlefsen charming.  And you might have, actually, had a chance with that but...nope.  Not now.  Battleship sunk.

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