Monday, August 10, 2009

Congo: The Advance Hillary Guard. Let's paint it unhealed, victimized, and plummeting and spiking

Hillary has made it to Congo (left Angola, not yet in Nigeria) and the main stream press paved the way. I noticed that last week (August 4) the New York Times had an article up on the phenomenon of male rape in Congo, "Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims". Like all Africanists, I sighed as I saw it. One more story about those savage Africans. It just hurts. How to begin to explain why, how to bring up objections and explanations, re-framing and re-humanizing. Re-humanizing. De-dehumanizing.

How nice to feel I am not alone in my rants.

African Politics Portal is the first up with a great piece questioning the alarmist, unfounded sensationalism of the article which is, after all, based on the experiences of 4 men without much genuine exploration of the prevalence and meaning.

But follow African Politics Portal's links to a great blog Wrongingrights and your justifiable indignation will ratchet up a few notches--at least mine did. The piece is entitled "In Which the New York Times Both Sets 'Em Up and Knocks 'Em Down" and reveals the original title of the NYTimes article (since changed) was "Congo Plummets Into Rape and Murder."

I urge you to click on through to the blog. The Lucky Charms grading system for the article is breathtakingly awesome. I award it 50 billion green clovers and 1 perfect pink heart--cause you gotta have heart to keep up the good fight.

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