Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Pocket God....and pot stirring

Doesn't seem the Pocket God game creators were too forthcoming with the folks at Savage Minds. I went searching through their Facebook site and found they also have a Pocket Blog and quite an online presence--Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube channel etc, etc. They just recently ran a contest (through Facebook and announced on their blog with final results up on Flickr) for a Wallpaper design for the "game". You are looking at the entry that won. God has a very pale finger. The islanders are not very pale. Except for the ?muzzle? area. Interesting.

The proud winner won a Pocket God islander toy. Woo Hoo!

Their home page at Bolt Creative refers to the figures as "primitive" islanders and when Allan Dye (other game creator dude) said at Savage Minds that they have expanded the "cuteness" factor of the "little innocents" so that they now eat coconuts, he didn't mention that the only way you can get the coconuts open is by "god" dropping them on their heads? Can we say disingenious?

Also the game creators didn't mention that they call the islanders "pygmies". Guess they were too busy trying to argue (at Savage Minds) for their creature-like sub-human "don't count" status to mention that. You can click through to the Pocket God Blog, hosted here on blogger and do a search for "pygmies, or follow mine here. Quite a few posts put up by "Dave" (one assumes that is Dave Castelnuovo the game creator at Bolt Creative) uses that designation for them. Its a frequent designation for the figures in all the online discussions. Here, here (check out were one Tiffany aged 7 laments via a Youtube of her email her inablity to rip the little guys arms off, and more Dave here. Guess we missed all that by not being gamers.

Maybe we could turn this into a Teachable Moment for the power of political protest in a democratic nation. Apple is, apparently, quite particular about its apps. Our friends at Bolt Creative count on releasing a new update on the app once a week. They have, actually, had one rejected by Apple when it didn't conform to its branding standards; their April Fool's Day release didn't happen.

And....their latest update was just delayed again, for no, as yet, specified reason. The link takes you to an April 23 posting announcing the delay from Apple.

Ah, the power of the internet and open access. Feel free to register your objections, directly, to Apple. Here is the link to their Media Relations page. I figure you pick a name and give it a try. Unless someone else has a better suggestion.

Oh and just so we are clear. The depiction offends me. The game offends me. If you would like to, genuinely, understand why it offends me, I will try to explain. If you are going to try to argue me out of being offended or tell me I shouldn't be offended that will not work because, you see, I am offended.

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