Monday, March 2, 2009

Reproductive Technologies: A Child's View of Our Brave New World

I was preparing a lecture on demographics and reproductive technologies for tomorrow's class and as I was following links and checking out available clips on the octuplet situation, I ran across this rather poignant clip posted by a mom of group of young girls processing our latest entry in the meaning of children who come in mass quantities. They have a lot to process these potential mothers of tomorrow.

I am going to use it tomorrow in class. Probably, also, use the Slumdog Millionaire info in the last post to talk about the meanings and value of children.


missivesfrommarx said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing!

EF said...

Wow! It is definitely a brave new reproductive world, eh? I LOVED the strategy of polyandry one of the girls proposed at the end... she may be a head of her time!

What also struck me was that those girls seem to also been exposed to 'alternative' models of birth in America. "Mom" sat on a birthing ball instead of begging for pain meds, a nurse and midwife (and not an OBGYN/surgeon) were in attendance, and no one was getting a C-section. Not the birth experience of most American moms these days, now is it? (See this month's Anthropology News -- Narratives of Risk -- for more on this).