Friday, January 30, 2009

Usable Information for Intro Profs

So, if like me you have to find some way to cover all the sub-disciplines at an introductory level, you are no doubt challenged at keeping up with any and all "new developments". If your Sunday morning reading includes the New York Times, then you probably saw the extended article in the Magazine on female sexuality. If you had that first cup of coffee in you, perhaps some of the arguments and the ways of presenting them gave you pause. Kool-aid drinkers thought it was just fine.

Anyway, thanks to Neuroanthropology you can read an in-depth discussion of the article with some great follow up points. Check it out. Very, very useful stuff.
This post is dedicated to the memory of Barry White, BOI (Born on the Island--Galveston, that is). Thanks for Love Unlimited.

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