Friday, December 12, 2008

Prehistory World Sim: The Ice Age Endeth

We have this thing in Texas called Hobby Lobby. My daughter forces me to go there to buy yarn--although now she has found a much better online site--for her crocheting, which is one of those things passed down matrilineally. My grandmother Helen Nora taught me and I taught my daughter Katherine Nora. Anyway, we took a wrong turn and I discovered an aisle full of treasures--including the prehistoric life toob (it was, totally, spelled that way). The prehistoric life toob was a plastic tube full of really amazingly dorky plastic figures of megalithic wild life, mega-buff early modern humans, and a few scenic additions like a tree and a volcano. All semester long my students have had great fun enacting scenes on the desk in my class. Usually one guy in the class will do the renactments and usually the animals; sometimes in pairs, sometimes in groups are positioned to be either killing each other or having sex. Or both. At the same time. Go figure.

Wednesday night we had an unusual event in Houston. It snowed. Several inches. The next morning, I came into a final exam with a couple of unused snowballs. So we re-enacted the beginning of the glacial retreat. Mid-way through the final, the volcano fell off the ice and all hell was breaking loose--not the Dante one but the other one.

See, I can do World Simulation exercises, too.

Thanks to the World's Most Beautiful Sociology Professor for the picture, since I am too tired to get mine off my phone. (Aren't those IPhone people smugly superior?)

I can't wait to get the Jamestown Settlers Toob.


larry c wilson said...

Just yesterday, my wife and I bought our grand-daughter (at her request)a Space Toob while visiting the Houston Museum of Natural History's gift shop.

Pamthropologist said...

$7.99 at the Hobby Lobby. I shudder to think what you paid. With the Jamestown Settlers Toob you get pigs and cannibals.

larry c wilson said...


coyotelibrarian said...

Not only is Hobby Lobby less expensive, but when you buy there, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a worthwhile cause.

Pamthropologist said...

Should we tell them that they are selling cannibals and promoting evolution?