Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Tina was right, kick that to the curb

I am still without power and dealing with the consequences of our very own Ike, who came in like Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and all the lasting power of Ms. Turner. The house is intact but precious else remains--multiple trees down, fence down, pier and beam shifted, roof looking a little less perky. Mourning the loss, only, of my beautiful 30 foot (swear) avocado tree which was uprooted. I have salvaged two avocados and in true anthropological fashion there will be a replanting ceremony for the seeds. Meanwhile, there will be some massive clean up efforts required. I will return when able.

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Owen said...

Ouch. Good luck and I'm glad your roof is still there. I'm looking forward to hearing about how those seedlings do.