Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Really Neat (and poignantly beautiful) Stuff

If you scroll down, you will find I have added a new blog roll entitled:

Voices of Kenya's Vulnerable Children and Youth

Thanks to the Kenyan Pundit for alerting us all to this remarkable work (asante sana, ndugu). As part of an Advocacy Project endeavor in conjunction with the Undugu Society of Kenya (USK), 17 Kenyan students have posted stories and pictures about their lives. You will find all their blogs in this blog roll.

Cutting and pasting the words of their facilitator Kristina Rosinsky:

A total of 17 students are involved with the training. Nine were chosen from USK’s Education and Training program, which helps poor and marginalized children attain an education and gain practical vocational skills. The other eight were chosen from USK’s Street Associations, which are groups of children and youth living and/or working on the streets.

Their heartfelt stories and stunning pictures are simply beautiful. It is a wonderful gift to see the world through the eyes and voices of this talented group. It seems Kristina has spent the summer setting up the program in Kenya. I hope the students and USK are able to continue the endeavor. I would like for my own students to engage with this work when they return in the Fall.

Quite some time ago, I visited several street children's homes in Tanzania. I published an article about one of the children I met at that time in an introductory anthropology reader which is now out of print. I would be happy to provide a pdf of the article for anyone who would like some background into the issues in an African context. Just email me.

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