Monday, June 30, 2008

Why "Teaching Anthropology"?

I teach Anthropology at a Community College.....I teach it over and over and over again. Mostly Cultural with some Archaeology and the four field introduction floats in and out. I read the Savage Minds blog and others and realize how far my life has come from graduate school. And, yet, after time spent in Africa, I feel the relevancy of my chosen path more with each passing day. I have come to believe that the higher reaches of a more academic and esoteric Anthropology may be beyond my grasp these days but the basic undergraduate, simple message of seeing the world through the lenses of others is worth teaching.

But, being the lone anthropologist in a large system, I am alone. By that I mean, I have no colleagues to share my success, failures, and rants. I am creating this blog in an attempt to remedy some of those shortfalls.

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